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Self Defense for Middle School Boys & Girls

EMPOWER WYOMING strives to end violence through personal safety training, teaching individuals to be more self-reliant, increasing their self-esteem, and imparting practical self-defense skills. This two hour class is packed with ways to empower boys and girls with boundary setting, bully intervention and self defense. Space is Limited. Below is a list of part of the curriculum that will be presented:

Strangers: Kids practice awareness, plus verbal and physical strategies in scenarios with people they don’t know.

Familiars: The sad truth is that children are most often assaulted or abused by someone they know. So our Ambassadors role-play a “familiar” (a relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, peer, friend). Kids practice setting verbal boundaries and how to stay firm even if the Familiar responds with hurt feelings, anger or defensiveness, bribes, or even threats.

Bully Intervention: Ambassadors act out bully scenarios while kids practice options for bystander intervention.

Physical Self-Defense: Simple, effective physical skills
are taught using pads or Empower’s suited instructors. The physical portion of the workshop is reserved for the end, and can be withheld if students fail to demonstrate that they will be responsible with this training. Students are individually required to make a solemn promise to use these techniques only in a situation where their life or safety is at risk. Ultimately, the self-defense training adds a fun & empowering coda to the workshop.

Registration Deadline: Friday, May 25
Dates: June 1; Friday
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Place: CWC Student Center, Fremont Room, Room 100
Ages: 6th - 8th Grade
Cost: $30