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Fast Kids

This new, high energy class will introduce your young athlete to the FUNdations of athletic movement. This program is focused on preparing the novice athlete to move forward and make strides in their sports training. The participants will be introduced to proper basic movement patterns like squatting, lunging, running, pushing, and pulling. Foundational movements like jump rope, shuttle runs, jumps and planks will also be part of the curriculum. The goal of this class is to give your young athlete a head start and the capacity to enjoy the rigors of the ‘next level’ and remain injury free. Our instructor, Troy Anderson, specializes in providing no-nonsense, unconventional training tools and methods as the vehicle for athletes to achieve optimal results.

Fast Kids
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 30th
Dates: February 4 - 25; Mondays
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Place: Jackson Elementary Gym
Ages: 7 - 12
Cost: $30