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Digital Landscape Photography

There are a thousand scenes you can capture with landscape photography and this course will give you the essentials on how to prepare for and capture them.  It will also include the basics of camera use and getting to know your camera apart from the auto setting.  It will then show you what it takes to make that landscape picture you can hang on your wall.  We will go over planning and preparing for your outdoor trip; the equipment you should take with you, how to compose a picture, plus many other essential tips.  Weather permitting; we will go outside to practice taking pictures of the Popo Agie River using long exposure technique. When you are done, you will have a blueprint that you can take with you for every trip.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 3
Date: April 6; Saturday
Time: 9:00am - Noon
Place: Lander Sinks Canyon Center
Cost: $50